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Devendra Banhart - "Foolin" [14 Mar 2013|10:22am]

X Post

Weird, creepy, yet strangely, kinda hot.

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FREE E-BOOK! [11 Aug 2011|03:52pm]


If you’re interested in a receiving a PDF version of my novel, King of Cats, about a closeted gay rock musician living on New York’s Lower East Side, just drop me a line with your e-mail address (blake@blakefraina.com).

Please note this is NOT an EPUB file so it is not compatible with digital reading devices. And be warned, KoC is not your typical self-published m/m romance novel. It’s pretty heavy and downbeat.

But hey…it’s free! Why not give it a shot?

It would be great to get feedback or a review.
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X-Post - Letter to Teens [04 Oct 2010|04:33pm]

This is a link to the Dave Navaro leter.


link here

Please read and consider posting on other sites. Lets try to get this to everyone it may pertain to.

thank you

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Important [18 Sep 2010|07:31pm]

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Complete a survey on sex, win $50! All ages/genders invited to participate [21 Jul 2010|10:09am]

Complete an online survey and be entered to win up $50! Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin are conducting a survey to understand reasons why people have sex. The survey takes 30-45 minutes. You must be 18 or over and sexually experienced in order to participate. If you are interested in participating in this study, or learning more about it, please click here https://www.psychdata.com/s.asp?SID=128703

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BI MEN NETWORK welcomes all you rocking gay guys to come join us - FREE! [20 Jul 2010|09:38pm]

Bi MEN NETWORK - www.bimen.org - is the world's largest social networking site with a bisexual male focus. We now have over 1/4 million active adult male members with us today and all free!

Join us now free at:


and also at:


Enjoy our firee BI MEN STORY ROOMS with hundreds of free erotic stories from our members - at:


Thank you one and all.

Best Wishes,

Mac McCloud

Our Bi Men Network motto: "You are NOT alone!"
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Download Playboy Lingerie, Maxim 04/2010/Mexico, Maxim №5/2010/ (953655) [22 May 2010|03:20pm]

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Download Playboy's Vixens, Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA), Mens Health 2010-05/US, Playboy Lingerie, Maxim 04/2010/Mexico, Maxim №5/2010/ US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA),

<ckx> i'm not gay

<ckx> i just like to see people fuck

<ckx> even if they're guys</p>
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Listing of New York Senators On the Fence or Opposed to Marriage Equality [15 Jun 2009|06:49pm]

20 senators publicly stated their support for equal marriage, 32 are needed to pass the bill. Please check this list and contact your state senator and urge them to support marriage equality for all couples.

Marriage is a civil rights issue, nobody should be denied the 1,800 state and federal benefits that come with marriage, such as the right to visit a loved one in a hospital, file joint tax returns, co-adopt kids, and many other rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual couples.
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Yes!!!! The new Pet Shop Boys album is out now. [24 Apr 2009|11:39am]

Any Pet Shop Boys fans out there? I'm assuming so... they have a new album out now and it's so so so good... i'm kind of a super fan so i'm spreading the love, etc :).


Yes on iTunes
"Love, Etc." Video
PSB Video Medley
PSB Yes Magamix on Out.com

Pet Shop Boys Snake Game
Pet Shop Boys Performing at the Brits with Brandon Flowers and Lady Gaga

Official Website

You can hear the album via this widget, which is cool... but worth buying imho:
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Homo Who? [30 Mar 2009|07:43am]

Hey kids... Role Call where is everyone from? Hree to talk, listen, advice and opinion! hit me up guys... Email at caliboinyc@yahoo.com .

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Diversity Lesson 101: LGBT/Queer Little People [23 Dec 2008|12:38pm]

Little People like LGBT people are considered "freaks of nature", they get stares and people misunderstand them. In looking for resources for Little LGBT People, I found virtually nothing. I decided, to make an entry to educate people about little people as well as provide as much info as I can for LGBT Little People. It is my sincere hope that LGBT Little People can find solace, comfort and community and that they can begin to network and build a foundation and support system for their own sub-section of the community.

For more info and resources on LGBT Little People, check out:
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Might the "Bradley Effect" Also Hold True for Queer Issues? [23 Oct 2008|12:25pm]

Today's open forum is set to examine whether we may see something similar to the "Bradley effect" on queer issues in the upcoming election.
"The Bradley effect, less commonly called the Wilder effect, is a proposed explanation for observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some American political campaigns when a white candidate and a non-white candidate run against each other. Named for Tom Bradley, an African-American who lost the 1982 California governor's race despite being ahead in some voter polls, the Bradley effect refers to an alleged tendency on the part of some voters to tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for a black candidate, and yet, on election day, vote for his/her white opponent." (Wikipedia)
The "Bradley Effect" was a shocking dose of reality about the inconsistency of polls to determine how truthful people are about their voting decisions. It also went on to show the racial implications of the governor's race.

While it is now 26 years later, the notion of a "Bradley Effect" has resurfaced because Barack Obama, a bi-racial candidate is running for president of the United States of America. It is interesting to ponder whether people are indicating they will vote for the democratic ticket while in private will vote against it because of the racial implications.

I also wonder whether this can be applied to certain LGBT issues up on the ballot this Nov. 4th. There are marriage amendments in California, Arizona, and Florida this year. There is also the question of a constitutional convention in Connecticut and a ban on adoption by unmarried co-habitating couples in Arkansas. All of these referendums hold major implications for Americans straight and gay.

People opposed to gay rights often argue that they "have gay friends" or are "not bigoted against gays." It has become increasingly unpopular to be associated with "homophobia." Is it possible there is a segment of the population that claims they will vote against these marriage amendments and in favor of LGBT rights while secretly espousing another point of view to hide their own fear of being labeled a bigot?

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Connecticut Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage [10 Oct 2008|12:20pm]

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to legalize same-sex marriage.
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inquiry [08 Oct 2008|12:28pm]


Sweet Peeps,

     I have been reading Stephen King's non-fiction autobiographical work On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. This is a book in which he shares some humorous anecdotes of growing up (e.g., Eula-Bulah, the "big as a house" teenage babysitter who would repeatedly pin King down, sit on his face, and then fart) interspersed with some advice for aspiring writers.
     King comes from humble roots. His father split when he was two, leaving his mother perpetually single and moving around from state to state in search of work. Her jobs pay poor and are of the dead-end, mindlessly rote kind. At the Statford Laundry she feeds sheets through wringers, in an environment where summertime temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees and salt pills are handed out to combat the sweat loss. After college, in his 20s and with a family to raise, King finds himself working at his own dead-end laundry job, downing salt pills in the summer and thinking, "this isn't the way our lives are supposed to be going."
     However, it wouldn't be long before King is hoisted from his sweltering laundry job into riches and fame as a bestselling fiction author. But, wait, how does it happen? Of course, King doesn't really know. He shrugs it off as a whole lot of inborn talent (writers, he suggests, can't be made, neither by circumstances nor self-will, because "the equipment comes with the original package") combined with some good luck. The ideas for bestsellers, he says, essentially come out of thin air.
     Now, in the age of our so-called economic crisis, I wonder how many humble-rooted factory workers, floor moppers, cubicle-confined state workers and coffee servers have the same thought as King did: namely that this isn't the way their lives are supposed to be going. How many people cringe at the sound of the alarm clock and yearn to be hoisted, like King, out of serfdom so that they too can hang out with the Lords in their ivory towers, mansions and five-star restaurants?
     In the new song, Troublemaker, lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo of Weezer sings that he can't work a job, "like any other slob, punch it in, punch it out, and suckin' up to Bob, marrying a bitch, having seven kids, giving up, and growing old and hoping there's a god." In the song Rockstar, the band Nickelback points out that everyone wants to be famous, living in hilltop houses, driving fifteen cars, with no-limit credit cards, signing autographs so that they can eat their meals for free. Madonna drives the point home with her song, American Life, in which she explains that she has "a lawyer and a manager, an agent and a chef, three nannies, an assistant, and a driver and a jet, a trainer and a butler, and a bodyguard or five, a gardner and stylist..."
     Such witty ditties would be cute and even amusing, were it not for the fact that they are true. The rich and famous really do live like this, enjoying the peace-of-mind that naturally comes from having tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in disposable income. Corporate CEOs rake in yearly salaries that an "average" middle class American worker -- were they to somehow make $70,000 per year --  would not accrue in an entire lifetime. Bearing Voltaire's classic quote, "the comfort of the rich depends upon an abundance of the poor," in mind, does one ever get the feeling that they are like so many Egyptian slaves, builders of pyramids for god-like Pharaohs?
     Stephen King, having now sold over 300 million copies of his tales of blood, guts, torture and mayhem can now look back on his life from a cheery and optimistic perspective. But how do millions of others, whose equal success is logically impossible, feel about their own "average" lifestyles? Further, with children starving over in impoverished nations, shouldn't our priorities somehow change? Or will we remain complacently satisfied with our run-of-the-mill, salt pill popping, laundry job lives; perhaps thinking that our reward is in heaven?

     I wonder what you think.








Bob Barr for President - Gay & Lesbian Words Banned [02 Oct 2008|04:29pm]

In response to a Bob Barr for president blog entry that stated that John McCain is possibly bipolar when it comes to the issues.

I responded asking if Bob Barr was bipolar and discussed his former position against same-sex marriage for gays and lesbians. Well apparently the Bob Barr site doesn't like the words, "sex", "gay", or "lesbian".

Not surprisingly "queer" made it through, although since this post they now banned that word as well.

Here is how the text showed up before moderator approval (Since that time the post has not been authorized and has been deleted).

You voted for the “defense of marriage act” to ban same-*** marriage equality throughout the country, and now say marriage is a states issue and nobody has the right to discriminate. You tried so hard to discriminate against *** and ******* couples. You will never get my vote, to me you are a bigot, plain and simple.

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John McCain's Chief of Staff Being Outed Today! [22 Sep 2008|01:57pm]

Sources have confirmed to me that Mark Buse John McCain's chief of staff is being outed today! Stay tuned for more info!

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Is the Meat Industry Homophobic? [16 Sep 2008|12:05pm]

You don't have to look far to see how the meat/dairy industry perpetrate sexist and misogynist attitudes throughout their marketing campaigns as illustrated by Carol J. Adams author of the Sexual Politics of Meat. Here is her slideshow of misognyist images related to the industry. This post delves into whether they are also possibly homophobic in nature as well or just playing to gender stereotyping. I'd encourage you all to check it out and let me know your thoughts.
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Subway Fires Former Gay Porn Star [05 Sep 2008|06:26pm]

22-year-old gay porn star Kurt Wild was fired from his day job at a Subway restaurant outside of St. Louis when a customer recognized him and threatened to boycott the fast food joint if Wild wasn't fired.

More on the story below and contact form to complain to Subway Inc.
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Obama Pride - Video Collage [20 Jul 2008|05:00pm]

Collage of videos demonstrating Obama's commitment to the Queer community!
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Global Queer Rights - Take Action!!! [03 Jun 2008|10:35am]

TAKE ACTION: Support LGBT Rights Worldwide!Collapse )
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